About Us

The success story called "The wig world" began about 10 years ago Redemption Center in Jerusalem, opened one unique wig salon and is most prominent industry today.

In the wig world we offer customers a variety of wigs and hair designs. We have a competitive price range for every budget and offer a wide range to suit the needs of women from all walks of life.

Our team is extremely professional, experienced and highly qualified; we match the latest trends in wigs and match wigs by color that suits the client until the result is perfect and adjusted perfectly to her.

We offer a variety of services including hair styling of wigs, repair design, cut wigs of any kind, hairstyles, hair extensions, weaves, extensive wig repairs including renewal of high-quality wigs, color induction. We have materials especially designed to provide life to a wig and restore its vitality.

The success of the "Wig world" is due to one advantage and it is the emphasis on our customers, the professional and courteous service, and exceptional design, and a special atmosphere unlike other salons.

Living proof of its success can be seen in our diverse clientele, which includes Israeli women and women from abroad especially aquarium wig. Our teams of professionals speak Hebrew, French and English. The regular customers who visit the salon are from the prominent society of Jerusalem.

Aquarium wig "promises fair prices, courteous service and convenient payment options - instead of honoring checks and credit cards.

Our salon is open five days a week, from ten in the morning until eight at night. We are located half a floor below street level, in order to keep the modesty of our customers.