How to handle a wig

How to wear the wig?

  1. Gently shake the wig.
  2. Flip the wig upside down on a table so that the front end is near you.
  3. Lift the wig and slip it over your head first so that you tighten the bonnet to the front of your hair and gently adjust the wig cap to the back of your head.
  4. The wig should feel comfortable without feeling pressure. You can release the Velcro on the back of the wig until you feel comfortable.

How often do I wash my wig?

Wig shampoo depends on several factors such as air quality, humidity, working and sweating areas. Basically if you are in areas with reasonable conditions, you'll have to wash your wig every ten days but if the conditions are good then at least once a month. If you are not skilled avoid doing it yourself and bring it in to trained professionals like us.

How to wash a wig natural?

100% natural hair shampoo should be used without sulfate in order to keep the hair and its color over time.

  1. First, comb through with a tailored wig brush and start at the hair away from the net while holding down the net to avoid losing hair.
  2. Wet the wig in cold water while the water is flowing in the direction of the hair and avoid tying up the hair, do not soak and rinse the wig in the sink full of water which will only bind to hair under the running water.
  3. Run the hair through your fingers and distribute the shampoo evenly and wait about three minutes.
  4. Wash the hair with shampoo and cold running water.
  5. Repeat above steps with custom hair wig conditioner.
  6. Put the wig on a towel to absorb the water. Do not squeeze the water out through the wig, absorb it in a towel gently and place it on the foam head to dry.
    Do not comb the wig while it is wet.
    Do not wear your wig if it is not fully dry.
    Do not wear the wig on top of your own wet hair.

How to wash a synthetic wig?

  1. Comb wig gently.
  2. Soak the wig in a sink filled with cold water with shampoo.
  3. Massage the hair gently and leave for about five minutes.
  4. Wash the wig in cold water that flows in the direction of the hair.
  5. Put it in the towel and blot the water through the towel without wiping motions .
    Leave it to dry naturally on the foam head.

How to comb the wig?

You can comb the custom wig using a brush through the tips of your fingers or depending on the type of wig and hair. Avoid using a standard hair brush which will damage the wig hair.
Spray water or synthetic hair spray lightly on areas where the hair is due to become static to give it a natural form.

Can I design my own face?

If you are not skilled and knowledgeable at cutting wigs than take it to a professional.
Remember the hair will not grow back on a wig.

What to avoid with a wig?

Avoid getting too close to heat sources such as fan grills, an oven or cooking.
Never comb the wig when she's wet.
If you are not skilled avoid using hair iron or drying fan. It can cause permanent damage to the wig hair.
Use only the wig tailored products such as toothbrushes, shampoo, hair conditioner, mousse and more.
Do not dye or streak, or perform any chemical action on your wig if you are not trained to do so.
You should not swim in the pool with your wig.


Only use products tailored for a wig and store the wig on the foam head.
World wig is available for any questions regarding any concerns. Enjoy our products that are available from the Salon.